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Windows Update MiniTool

This Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) is an alternative to the standard Windows Update, in such a way that it can do a lot for you as described below. However, bear in mind this minitool is just a front-end for the Windows Update built-in mechanism.

What you can do:
• Check for updates
• Download updates
• Installing Updates
• Deleting installed updates
• Hiding unwanted updates
• Get direct links to the *.cab / *.Exe / *.Psf update files
• View update history
• Configure Automatic Updates
• The tool relies and use same WU infrastructure, all downloading are through WU so it is not a stand-alone downloader.

Q: What is the Automatic Updates feature?
A: WUMT has several modes to download and install updates. These modes are managed through Group Policy in the “Configure Automatic Updates” template.

Automatically - Updates are checked, downloaded and installed automatically.
Group Policy option: status is set to Not Configured

Disabled - Updates are not checked, not downloaded, not installed.
Group Policy option: status is set to Disabled

Notification mode - Notify before downloading and installing any updates.
Group Policy option: 2 - Notify for download and notify for install

Download only - Download the updates automatically and notify when they are ready to be installed.
Group Policy option: 3 - Auto download and notify for install

Scheduled - Automatically download updates and install them according to schedule.
Group Policy option: 4 - Auto download and schedule the install

Managed by Administrator - Local admins control Automatic Updates mode.
Group Policy option: 5 – Allow local administrators to select the configuration mode that Automatic Updates should notify and install updates.

Q: Which OS are supported?
A: From Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

Q: Where do the updates are downloaded?
A: %SystemDrive%\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
As expected. WUMT is just a front-end for Windows Update mechanism. This mechanism downloads into that path by default.

Q: What is the Offline mode?
A: Updates will be checked from the file wsusscn2.cab, which must be placed in the same WUMT program folder. I usually leech wsusscn2.cab link here, because M$ server lags sometimes and the file gets corrupted somehow when downloading directly, that is, wsusscn2.cab comes sans digital signature.

Windows Update error code list: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/938205

Latest one:

File: wumt_v20.12.2016.zip
Size: 2.33 MB
SHA1: 743ED643B6AE7EEEC6CA985F522A20153E93B6CA
SHA256: 9FCF858411FA55A3C2E08FBC15B0A7361596F3F3A8A7CF3B25EAE36D701802F8


Initial Options:
-update: When the program runs it starts the search for updates automatically.
-onclose: Run the specified command or script file when closing the program.

 You can run a bat file.
 [wumt.exe -update "-onclose D: \ run.bat"] 

 You can specify multiple -onclose keys.
 +To disable the update service: 
 [wumt.exe "-onclose sc stop wuauserv" "-onclose sc config wuauserv start  = disabled"]. 
 Quotation marks "" are required for this command.

- Fixed a small issue when Automatic Updates is set to Disabled.

- Added the -onclose argument. When closing wumt, a specified command or script file will be executed.
- Fixed the display of interface elements when using the zoom function.
- Updated EN translation.
- Added ES language.

- Added cmd line arg -update for autostart search updates.
- Added Search/Filter for Update/History list. Ctrl+F to bring up and Esc to reset.

- English language UI for non Russian Windows by default. no need wumt_lang.ini anymore (only for english).
- Added "Include Drivers" checkbox. Work since  Anniversary Update via group policy.

- Fix broken Update History after KB3156421

- Fix gui scale dpi

- Fixed a bug in Windows 8.1 when "Automatic Updates" are set to "Disabled" a "OLE error 8024A000" pops up.
- If at the end of an update installation it requires a resume and install the rest of its components, the program now can resume and install.
- Author of the translation not displayed. Fixed.

- Fixed GUI when using zoom to 125%.
- Fixed a situation where results aren't displayed in log for each operation.
- Update history during the installation of the update.
- Improved error checking.
- Code and lang files optimized. Language files updated, but if you find a mistake in the text, then send me corrections.
- Many small improvements.
- Small changes in design.

- Fixed a rare AV bug on this review.
- Error codes are added for each operation. The error codes value can be found on this link.

- Fixed false lock Automatic Updates settings.

- Added highlighting function for updates found in ini file.
- Optimization of function "Hide / Remove hidden".
- Improved logging during download / install / uninstall.
- Improved detection of errors in the process of verification / download / install / uninstall updates. For example an attempt to check for updates in the absence of network.
- Automatic selection of update service by default.
- When you change the "Automatic Updates", original WU immediately knows about it.
- Improvements to the program interface.
- Improved sorting.
- Added a request to reboot after installing or removing updates, if needed.
- Various optimization and improvement in the code.

- Auto resize columns, depending on the content.
- Added minimize all groups. Clicking the mouse wheel scroll button.
- Added sort the list. Click on the column.

- Small GUI fix for other languages

- Added Offline mode
- Added function to configure Automatic Updates. You do not necessarily need Group Policy to disable the auto-update
- Added the option to choose which service to use to search for updates
- Added the possibility of a simple translation into other languages through the .ini file
- Added display extended information about drivers
- Fixed Update Support URL
- Fixed a bug with the hidden updates. It appears only ru_wumt_x64
- Small hot bugfix: Failed to get data from registry.
- Other improvements in the code

- Almost fully rewritten code
- Added update history
- Added error handling and logging
- Added the ability to abort the operation
- Remove version check of Windows
- 09.11.2015 - no functionality changes, only one hot bugfix: correction of OLE error 0x80240007